Antarctic Voyage – February 2025

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Antarctica is a little out of our wheelhouse, but it’s firmly in the wheelhouse of polar expedition veteran and award-winning nature photographer David Sinclair.  David who calls Hobart, Australia, home has skied across the Greenland icecap and guided or led over 60 polar expedition voyages in the polar regions including the Ross Sea, Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, Adelie Coast, Svalbard, Greenland, and the fabled Northwest Passage.  David recently founded Islands & Ice Travel, a boutique business focusing on small group trips to the polar regions and South Pacific (hence the name Islands and Ice).

In February 2025, David will be running a trip to Antarctica that he has opened up to NauticEd students. This coming Antarctic season, our own Director of Education, Grant Headifen, will be joining David on the Antarctic Voyage to check it out and report back on the experience.

Antarctica is earthly travel’s last frontier, a vast yet fragile wilderness teeming with wildlife, towering glaciers, icebergs, and magnificent peaks.

Tune in to one of two free live video sessions on 21 November 2023 hosted by NauticEd and David, where David will share some of his favorite images and some insights into what it’s like to travel to the great white continent. Certainly, during the video call, he will describe the 2025 trip and whet the appetite of those who have Antarctica on their bucket list.

Register your interest by completing and submitting the booking form below and we will send you the link to the session and a reminder email shortly before the session.  The sessions will be run at 6pm Pacific Time and 6pm Eastern Time, so sign up for whichever is convenient.

If after the call you want to know more about joining David on the Antarctic Voyage, David has offered to host a longer more detailed session to provide more information about how and when to travel to Antarctica and to answer any questions.

See some of the spectacular photos David has taken on previous trips to this amazing continent.

  • Where the sun never sets (during summer)

  • Exploring

  • An Ice Island - aka Glacier

  • Swim time

    Penguin diving, photographed on an Antarctic Voyage
  • Just lounging around before dinner

    Seal seen on an Antarctic Voyage

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