Plan the Perfect Sailing Vacation

Discover the world’s most popular destinations with a NauticEd sailing yacht charter.

NauticEd Yacht Charter and Sailing Vacations - Mobile
NauticEd Sailing Yacht Charter and Vacations - Mobile

Plan the Perfect Sailing Vacation

Discover the world’s most popular destinations with a NauticEd sailing yacht charter.


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Enjoy the world’s best vacation destinations by sail! Island hop in the Caribbean, explore the rich and diverse cultures of the Mediterranean, or discover remote locations like the Canary Islands or Tahiti. Book a yacht charter with NauticEd and experience the freedom and fun of luxury adventure travel.


NauticEd’s team are Expert Yacht Charter Agents with access to over 5,000 boats in 55 worldwide destinations. We’ve been (almost) everywhere and provide valuable advice.


With NauticEd, you do not pay a booking fee. We save you time and money by doing the legwork to find you the best price with a charter company we know and trust.


Hire a captain or bareboat charter as your own skipper – NauticEd provides all the yacht charter resources you need no matter what you choose and will help with all the details.


For Bareboat Chartering, NauticEd offers the International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) – accepted in the Mediterranean and by Port Authorities worldwide.

NauticEd American National Standards Approved


NauticEd’s expertise includes having taught over a quarter-million sailing courses to students worldwide, and NauticEd is recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard as conforming to the American National Standard for sailing training and assessment.

The NauticEd team’s experience is unparalleled in the industry – giving you the confidence, guidance, and best-in-class resources when planning the perfect sailing vacation.

The services of NauticEd were excellent. I was happy to have your amazingly quick responses and advice and would recommend you to anyone as their sailing advisor.” -Lance (St. Martin Charter)

This was, without question, the best vacation we have ever taken!!  The combination of NauticEd’s personal involvement, and service and the alignment with an outstanding charter company, made this the absolute best experience any of us have ever had.” -Ben (Croatia Charter)

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