The Ultimate Sailing Toolkit

NauticEd’s Free Sailor Toolkit

NauticEd’s Sailor Toolkit offers a full suite of essential and helpful online tools for sailors and boaters – all for FREE!

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Curriculum + Free Starting Courses

Sailor Toolkit Curriculum for online sailing courses and two free starting courses

Curriculum includes your online courses, beginning with 2 free* courses. Keep track of your course progress and add your goals to receive personalized online course recommendations.

The curriculum is part of our Learning Management System— all of your progress with any course (free or paid) is continuously updated in your curriculum as well as your sailing resume.  Jump between courses and modules, pick up where you left off, and return as many times as you like.

FREE* Navigation Rules Clinic

Sailor Toolkit Free Navigation Rules course

A free* course that teaches you the basic maritime “Rules of the Road”, like, who has right of way and essential knowledge regarding the Rules with other types of vessels.

The course takes approximately 20 minutes, but you can go at your own pace, return as many times as you like to review, and upon successful completion receive an endorsement on your sailing certificate.

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FREE* Basic Sail Trim Course

Free Basic Sail Trim online course

Learn the basics of sail trim — getting the boat moving and flying with your sails. Even some salty sailors have said that they learned a few pointers from this course.

The course takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, but go at your own pace and return as many times as you like to review.  The basic concepts are explained using interactive HTML5 animation, meaning you’ll have various sail trim controls at your fingertips to practice.

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*The Navigation Rules Clinic and Basic Sail Trim Course are free for 30 days. Complete them and they’re Free Forever!

Sailing Logbook

Sailor Toolkit Free sailing elogbook

Use your free elogbook to record your time sailing and boating. The system allows you to record your time on the water, as well as optional details such as the purpose of the trip, duration, sea miles, weather conditions, and more!

Meanwhile, the system will track your “Rank” in terms of your practical experience and sea time as you progress towards what’s considered reasonably experienced by both sailors as well as industry charter company standards. All of this is sync’d with your sailing resume – cool, eh?

Sailing Resume

Sailor Toolkit Free sailing resume

If you want to charter a sailboat, you need a sailing resume. NauticEd makes it simple with a resume tool that integrates all of our coursework, logbook, and certifications into a sailing resume that you can send to a charter company with a mouse-click.

Show up to a charter company with a solid sailing resume and you’re golden. Show up with just a sailing certification, and it’s like showing up to a job interview with a degree (You’re going to get an entry level job which is akin to being authorized to charter a dinghy). Read Why a Sailing Resume Beats a Sailing Certification

Sailing Vacations Booking Tools and Assistance

Sailor Toolkit sailing vacation booking tools

Our sailing vacation tools provide access to NauticEd’s team of charter experts. You never pay a fee for our services and, frankly ,we’ve been to just about every destination ourselves. So, whether you’re looking to book a charter anywhere in the world or just looking for “been-there” advice – NauticEd’s vacation tool gets you started.

Sailing Vacation? Read more here ›

International Sailing License Tool

Sailor Toolkit International License Tool

If you want to charter overseas, you may need to get your SLC International Sailing License. This license is accepted by port authorities and charter companies worldwide for your international licensing requirements. The International Sailing License tool tracks your progress, detailing the steps needed for an international license.

Learn more about the SLC here ›

Badges for Good Boating Activies

Sailor Toolkit Badges for seamanship

Earn Sailing Badges and Status by doing the right kinds of activities on boats and on the water. The Badge system is Free and it’s designed to supplement our training programs by encouraging sailing “best practices” for safety and boating activities. For example, the “Safe Sailor Badge” is awarded for activities such as inspecting rigging, checking fire extinguishers, a functioning/inspected EPIRB, etc.

There are 10 badges overall as well as status points awarded:

10 Badges Overall

NauticEd Sailing Badges tool

Status points and levels are awarded with the completion of activities

NauticEd Badges status points awarded

The Gift of Sailing

Sailor Toolkit gifting sailing courses to other sailors

Give the Gift of Sailing! Sailing is the gift that keeps giving whether by helping someone achieve their goals and dreams with a sailing course, spending time on the water with friends and family, Virtual Reality sailing, NauticEd Swag, taking a sailing vacation, joining a flotilla, or the ultimate gift of life fighting childhood cancer!!

NauticEd’s gifting tool makes it easy! Last minute gift, no worries…  Read more about Sailor Gift Ideas ›

Full Support

How NauticEd works - NauticEd support

The NauticEd offers a full range of support, from System Support & Answers to hands-on communication (just email us at

Please note that the “Ed” in NauticEd stands for Education. There is no Mr. Ed at NauticEd – believe it or not, we receive many requests addressed to “Mr. Ed” :)

Why we offer Free Tools

Admittedly, we get excited and geek out over developing “super cool” tools and integrations. Our approach is simple (KISS): a ‘salty’ sailor team member has an idea, and our extraordinarily talented pro advisers, programmers, and writers respond with “dood, no problem.” And, done – new features are programmed, courses are updated, and sailors instantly receive the benefit of experienced sailors and top-shelf tech.

Our platform is continually evolving with best-in-class online knowledge courses that are fully integrated with modern learning management systems, including wrapping in practical on-water programs and sailing vacation tools such as an elogbook, resume, international licensing, and more!

Free? The NauticEd team believes that essential tools should be free in 21st century education – “free forever”. Frankly, corporate commoditization practices such as ASA’s ‘bait and switch’ on $59+ fees for essential services REALLY annoys us and insults the industry. Such things, for a competent team like NauticEd, are literally as simple as few lines of code. Well, a bit more than a few lines of coding is required, but Team NauticEd has no problem offering the sailing essential tools for free.

Instead, NauticEd prefers to earn our keep on the value of our education products and vacation services. The rest, the platform, is FREE.

NauticEd Virtual Reality Beta Tester

Team NauticEd getting “Real” (and geeking out) with Sailing Virtual Reality.

The future of sailing is truly amazing, always evolving past whatever barrier or horizon you can conceive. That’s what sailors DO – we look beyond our current horizon to a future of discovery and adventure.  We make the best use of every tool at our disposal, whether it’s a scrap of line or VR tech. Every day is a new day, a new horizon. Simply, each evolution allows sailors to do MORE sailing, at less cost and with the confidence of competency.

CHEERS! – Team NauticEd.

My vision for NauticEd is to provide the highest quality sailing and boating education available - and deliver competence wherever sailors live and go.
Grant Headifen
Last updated on October 9th, 2023