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Saronic Gulf marine at night

The Saronic Gulf Sailing Charter Itinerary

If you have ever wanted to cruise the Greek islands, look no further than a charter out of Athens and a week sampling the many quaint destinations of the Saronic Gulf and eastern Peloponnese. This itinerary and trip recap comes from NauticEd member James Brown.
September 27, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
My Sea Monster

Sea Monster Story: Katabatic Winds

Well actually not so terrifying and not REALLY a sea monster BUT ... We spent about 20 minutes starring at the effect of katabatic winds blasting down the valleys and exploding into the water.
September 26, 2022/by Grant Headifen

Get to Know Amanda Swan – Instructor

September 25, 2022/by Grant Headifen

Basic Sailing Terms for the New Sailor

Nautical language has a long and storied history, with many basic sailing terms that can completely confuse the newcomer.
September 23, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary - sailboats during sunset

Rhodes and Dodecanese Sailing Itinerary

A simple charter sailing itinerary for sailing the Rhodes and Dodecanese area. Read more about Dodedanese sailing here.
September 8, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
what is apparent wind - two sails - one luffing and one full

What is apparent wind?

Both the speed and angle of apparent wind can vary depending on your velocity, which has important implications for sailing. What is apparent wind?
September 5, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
NauticEd Launches Fight Against Childhood Cancer - Alexandra

NauticEd Launches Fight against Childhood Cancer

Together, we can help to solve pediatric brain cancer. We are proud to launch today, a "help fight childhood cancer donation" option...
August 15, 2022/by Devaul Henderson
How to use a VHF Radio

Sailing Basics: How to use a VHF Radio

Your VHF radio is your best way to communicate with other boats on the water, with marinas, and with the coast guard, if necessary. Learning to use it, however, is a little like learning a new language.
August 6, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
Chartering in Central Croatia - Uvala Tatinja

Practical Guide to Chartering in Central Croatia

Thinking about chartering in central Croatia? This is a practical guide of everything we did with hidden secrets and a great suggested itinerary. Learn what you need to know here.
July 23, 2022/by Grant Headifen
Puerto Rico yacht charter - Benefits of flotilla sailing - a group of friends in their bathing suits on the beach running into the water for a swim with sailboats in the background

Benefits of Flotilla Sailing

There are so many benefits of flotilla sailing, chartering a sailboat, and joining a group of like-minded sailors.
July 16, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
2023 Sea of Cortez Friends and Family Flotilla

2023 January – Sea of Cortez, Mexico Flotilla

The Sea of Cortez has captured the imagination of sailors and adventurers and offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration under sail. Join other sailors on NauticEd's 2023 Sea of Cortez Flotilla.
June 30, 2022/by Grant Headifen
BVi Flotilla March 2023

2023 March – British Virgin Islands Flotilla

Come join the NauticEd team as we adventure to the British Virgin Islands on our March 2023 family-friendly sailing flotilla.
June 28, 2022/by Grant Headifen
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