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Sailing Experiential Learning

The Importance of Sailing Experiential Learning

Sailing serves as a poignant example of the synergy between theory and experiential learning. While theoretical knowledge sets the stage, experiential learning takes center stage, shaping sailors into confident, capable, and passionate mariners.
September 17, 2023/by Grant Headifen
US Virgin Islands

Navigating The Virgin Islands Paradise

There is no better way to explore the various Virgin Islands regions than by sea and by boat.  A yacht charter allows you freedom and flexibility.  But which of the Islands group should you visit - discover here.
September 16, 2023/by Grant Headifen
Greece Ionians SAiling flotilla 2024

2024 September Ionians Greece Sailing Flotilla

Come join the NauticEd September 2024 Ionians Greece sailing flotilla! View all the details and register here...
September 3, 2023/by Grant Headifen
Where have you been

How to and Why Authenticate a Boating Logbook

Whenever you are out on the water sailing, the SailTies app will create a GPS real-time track of your every movement and display it on a map. You can see every tack, gybe, knock, and lift. The guys at SailTies did such an amazing job of creating a user-friendly app for GPS tracking that we decided to hook up with them and allow their data to directly feed right into the student NauticEd logbook.
August 31, 2023/by Grant Headifen
Enjoying wine tasting on the Best Mediterranean Wine Regions to Explore on a Yacht Charter

Best Mediterranean Wine Regions to Explore on a Yacht Charter

Raise your glass and embark on a unique voyage, and discover the Best Mediterranean Wine Regions to Explore on a Yacht Charter.
August 27, 2023/by Trisha Evelyn
Kids swimming on best family-friendly charter destinations

Best Family-Friendly Charter Destinations

Whether the sailing adventure is bareboat or captained - everyone will have fun discovering the best family-friendly charter destinations.
August 27, 2023/by Trisha Evelyn
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