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NauticEd’s Learn from Other Sailors blog was inspired by you, our students. Learning from others is one of sailing’s greatest traditions: sea stories, advice, tips, travel and simply sharing the adventures of friends on-the-water fully enriches and completes one’s sailing experience. NauticEd fully embraces the sailing life and respects the often hard-earned experience of sailors.

We welcome sailors who’d like to share with NauticEd. Please contact us at if you’d like to share your own story, advice and experience.

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The Racing and Yelling Thing

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None of us like yelling on sailboats, and racing is a poor excuse for it. Quick advice on being a better skipper from Capt. Marc Hughston.
Bob Bitchin We Gotta Be Nuts

#65 We gotta be Nuts

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There is something that happens to me as soon as I see a small gap of water between my boat and the dock as I am leaving for a sail.... We gotta be nuts.
Canary Islands Salty Seamen Sailing

Canary Islands Sailing Vacation – Salty Seamen

The Salty Seamen share their sailing vacation to the Canary Islands. A fun and informing blog written by Joseph Dieber and the intrepid Salty Seamen Sailing Team's adventure sailing the Canary Islands.
Bob Bitchin Security is a kind of death

#89 Security is a kind of death

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Did you ever notice the first thing a non-sailor will ask an experienced sailor is, “Have you ever been in a bad storm? I think Tennessee Williams said it best - Security is a kind of death.
My Sea Monster

Sea Monster Story: Katabatic Wind

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Well actually not so terrifying and not REALLY a sea monster BUT ... We spent about 20 minutes starring at the effect of katabatic winds blasting down the valleys and exploding into the water.

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