Best Boat Coffee Maker

Hey – I bought this coffee maker for my birthday yesterday and it is so awesome that I thought I’d share it because it is perfect for a boat due to light and small and low clean up and quick.

Basically – you put highly ground coffee in the tube, pour in boiling water, stir and wait 20 secs then push down the airtight plunger. It forces all the water through a paper filter through to the cup below. And man does it make a good one. Much better than a french press. You can adjust teh strength for individual tastes, and it will raise the mainsail (ok not quite but…)

Highly highly recommended for sailors. And if you’re going chartering – you can even pack it with you to take.



Update – this makes such a good cup that I am almost exclusively using this at home now for my regular morning cuppa.


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Last updated on July 5th, 2022