Students express interest in knocking down the bucket list

Here is a wonderful email from a NauticEd Student regarding our post on the Heineken Regatta Sailing Adventure.

On 1/29/10 1:55 PM, “Ronald”  wrote:


Funny you should ask about my Bucket List. You see, that movie is the reason I now own a beautiful Beneteau 423.

I rarely go to movies. I am talking 1 every 5 years. However, my wife really insisted that I see that one. As we left the theater, I told her “I am going to buy a sailboat. To my delight the said “you should”.

You see, I had been dreaming about owning a sailboat for over 40 years. It really started back in the 60s while I was serving aboard aircraft carriers in the Gulf on Tonkin and Mediterranean (as an F-4 and later F-14 Naval Flight Officer).

Now at the ripe young age of 67, I have about 18 months of ownership/sailing inexperience.

I would love to do your Regatta, but 2 things stand in my way; age and expense. Would be hard to convince The Admiral that I should fork out another $5 grand when she sees how much boat ownership is already costing us. And, at 67, though I am in pretty good shape, I fear I would not be able to hold up my end of the team’s assignments.


Here is my response


No worries. Keep your eyes open for our Bareboat Charter Master Post Graduation Flotilla coming up which is more of a sailing cruise rally and I think it would suit you well. It is probably going to be in Tonga in August. We’ll have about 6 boats in the fleet. Each captain will fill their own boat with friends and family. We’ll cruise the islands with the fleet admirals boat leading the way. This is going to be a really fun sailing event and would love to have you along.

More details to come but start gathering your friends.


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