Top 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Chartering

be eco friendly when chartering a boat

NauticEd wants everyone to respect the environment – especially our gorgeous oceans and marine animals. Below are our top 10 eco-friendly chartering tips.

Be Reef Safe

  • Use reef-safe sunscreen (i.e., sunscreens that do not bleach coral). Here’s tips from NOAA (
  • Anchor responsibly
    • Never anchor on or near a reef
    • Never let the anchor chain drag across the reef
    • Use mooring balls
  • Keep toilet waste tanks closed – open and dump only when offshore (at least 3 miles) and then close tank again – it is easy to forget.

Go and Protect Local

  • Shop and eat local
  • Recycle and toss rubbish according to local guidelines
  • Leave the wildlife wild—don’t chase animals/fish/whales and dolphins; don’t pick plants

Provision Properly

  • Don’t buy small plastic water bottles – buy big bottles and bring your own refillable water bottles
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products
  • Bring your own bags for shopping
  • Avoid single-use items

Clean Up

  • Leave only footprints
  • Pic up some extra trash that is NOT yours
  • Organize a beach clean-up day

Thanks to David M for this pic and his family’s beach clean up effort on a charter

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Sail vs motor – sail as much as you can
  • Minimize generator use
  • Try rowing the dinghy
  • Ask for an electric dinghy motor

Make Good Selections

  • Charter an echo-friendly yacht
  • Look for boats with solar panels or other hybrid devices
  • Choose a destination that respects environmental guidelines
  • Plastic clothespins are a bad idea – use wooden ones

Practice Sailing

  • Try to use the sails as much as possible
  • Study the charts to avoid improper anchoring or scraping the reef with your keel
  • If you see trash in the water, practice your man overboard skills


  • Take a shower in the rain
  • Use eco-friendly soap in the shower or when you wash in the ocean
  • Limit detergent in cleaning dishes – select eco-friendly dish detergent
  • Leave dishwater in the sink for reuse
  • Pre-wash dishes in saltwater

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

  • Reuse food storage bags
  • Reuse towels
  • Re-wear clothes
  • Use Tupperware-type containers instead of plastic wrap or bags
  • Pressure the charter base to install recycling bins at the base (many don’t)

Share your Knowledge

  • Show your crew how to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Set eco-friendly as the tone of the trip for your crew
  • Share your environmentally friendly knowledge prior to chartering to create an environmentally friendly tone
  • Study up on your destination, your route, and local guidelines


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