Android Resume Update App Launched

Want to Update your Sailing Resume on the fly (erh I mean dock)?

Android Sailing Resume Update App

Android Sailing Resume Update App

Several students have asked us to implement the same iPhone Resume updating app onto the android platform. Well, we just couldn’t resist and so here it is – if you’ve got an Andoid phone just go to the “market place” on your phone and search for NauticEd.

Or you can go here to learn more.

You’ll need a FREE NauticEd account of course and you manage everything inside the experience tab once you’ve logged into NauticEd. But the Android (and iPhone) app allows you  at the click of 2 buttons, update your online resume with a sailing outing that you just completed with out having to login. Every time you do this it increases the time on your NauticEd sailing certification.

Login to NauticEd now to set up your experience then visit the market place on your phone and download the Android NauticEd app.

It’s just way too convenient.

Oh the cost – sorry forgot to mention it – it’s FREE.

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