British Virgin Islands Interactive Maps and Chart Briefing

Whether you’re a newb to the BVI or a salty ol’ hat to the BVI, information on what’s where and where’s what is a bit liquid. So we’ve put together this article to help. The interactive maps are kept current and the BVI Chart Briefing for yacht charterers gives a good round-up of information and what to expect down there when you go. Plus we’re yacht charter agents so it’s our job (and passion) to know the lay of the land (and sea).

The NauticEd team are also yacht charter agents for all yacht charter companies in the world. We don’t charge you a fee and you get the same price as going direct BUT more than likely we will save you searching time and money because we always know the deals that are happening. We’ve been to the BVI almost a dozen times – we helped the BVI back on their feet after Irma by organizing $70,000 worth of NauticEd Student donations.  We love the BVI and are experts in helping you get the sailing vacation of a lifetime.
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The Marinas of the BVI
(And Airport and Ferry Terminals)

First off the Marinas … here is a great interactive map to view so that you know where are the major marinas are. If you click the left side box in the header of the map you can see the names of the marinas. Click on the name of a marina and the map centers on it with a white circle around the Marina. Click on an icon and the name appears on the left.

Typical Yacht Charter Itineraries

Now to some sample itineraries.  Here are some for a week-long charter and one for longer which we highly recommend.

Of course, these should be planned with incoming weather conditions and swell directions.

If you click the left side box in the header of the map you can see the names of the various itinerary layers and you can turn each layer them on or off.

Yacht Charter Chart Briefing

Next is the chart briefing. Whenever you go to the BVI you will be given a chart briefing of the BVI by the yacht charter base. Time can be saved when you present your passed NauticEd BVI Chart Briefing course certificate to the base. They will then give you a shortened briefing if you’re wanting to get on the water faster. In addition, having the BVI Chart Briefing course with you gives you important information like phone numbers of rescue services and medical services as well as pertinent info about water, ice, grocery top-ups.

The NauticEd BVI Chart Briefing Course is available online for $12.95 – Once purchased it then downloads automatically to your NauticEd iOS app or your NauticEd Android App. It is also available via the iBook store.

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Are you qualified to skipper your own boat in the BVI? This entirely depends on your sailing resume. You do not need a sailing certification to captain yourself in the BVI but you need to be competent. When you contact us through our Sailing Vacations page we will consult with you for free to see if your sailing resume qualifies you. If you don’t think you will qualify, no worries we can hook you up with a friendly captain who will teach you a few things, take you to a few secret spots, and keep you entertained for the week.

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Last updated on May 16th, 2022