Head Up or Bear Away?

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Here are some great examples of how you can read the tell-tales and instantly know what to do. Look at each example and decide what you should be doing.

In the examples, click the selection box you think best on the image.

In this example above you are on the port side of the boat since the boat is going from right to left. Also, you see the red tell-tale over the top of the green. Red is on port side of the boat. The green tell-tale is on the other side of the window and the starboard side of the boat. And one more observation is required and that is that the genoa is on the other side of the mast and thus on the starboard side of the boat.

Given all the deductions from above, the wind must be coming from your left hand and flowing into the computer screen to the right. The green tell-tale is being starved of air whilst you can see the red has plenty as it is flowing smoothly. This means there is turbulent air on the starboard side of the boat.

If you turn the boat into the wind slightly this will allow the incident wind to flow more smoothly on the other side of the sail. The green tell-tale will then start flying backwards smoothly. We show this concept of smooth vs turbulent airflow using moving arrows inside our FREE Basic Sail Trim Course.

i.e. in the above – HEAD UP!

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FREE Basic Sail Trim Course

Here are some more examples to test your knowledge.

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Go there now – what the heck – throw caution, timidity and fear to the wind!


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