FREE Basic SailTrim Sailing Course

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The NauticEd FREE Basic Sail Trim online sailing course is now available as a regular course – still FREE. We did this for a few reasons.

(1) We wanted to incorporate the valuable information into the more advanced Sail Trim course as a requirement. So rather than just repeat the information we just wrote this piece of code:

IF FREE Basic SailTrim Course = passed
AND IF Sail Trim Course = passed
THEN Add Sail Trim knowledge to Certificate AND Resume.

But we also wanted to not penalize our older students so we added this:

IF Student = Old Student
AND IF Old Student passed SailTrim prior to Oct 5th, 2015
THEN Add Sail Trim knowledge to Certificate AND Resume.

(2) We wanted new students to gain a real appreciation for how awesome our in-house eLearning Software is and experience it first-hand prior to investing in other courses and gain partial credit for the course.

(3) We also wanted this course to appear on your free NauticEd iPad App in your curriculum to give you something to play with in the doctor’s office or stuck on an airplane. If you have an iOS device and register for this free course, it will show up automatically on your free NauticEd Course and Testing App

So now, you can take the FREE Basic Sail Trim course (for free of course) and get credit towards your overall sail trim knowledge and sailing resume.

Your NauticEd Sailing resume is accepted by yacht charter companies worldwide.

Register for the FREE Basic Sail Trim online Sailing course here now!

FREE Basic Sail Trim Course


FREE Basic Sail Trim is also available via our iPad App store. Go to:

Question: You’re on a port tack, the top green telltale high on the jib sheet is fluttering whilst all the others are flying smoothly. What should you do?

Answer: Move the Jib Fairlead forward! Why? Find out in the FREE Basic Sail Trim Course of course! (But this time finish the course all the way through for credit towards gaining Sail Trim on your sailing resume.

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Last updated on July 6th, 2022