How to Earn Sailing Status

Sailing Status
With the NauticEd Badges and Sailing Status program you earn Status by the total number of accumulated points you have earned regardless of the Badges you have earned.

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There are 6 Levels of Status. In the real weather reporting world, the arrow marks graphically represent increasing wind strength. So here , the more tail ticks and thick tail ticks you have, the more overall boating experience you are deemed to have.

We decided to use names that everyone tends to use in real everyday sailing language. You’ve always heard people get introduced to you – “meet (such and such) he’s a really big time sailor” now we all have a way of measuring that. You can simply say – “Oh yeah- really? What’s your point status with NauticEd?”   Maybe they’re not a really big time sailor maybe just a big time sailor!

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Earning points to accumulate towards your Sailing Status is simple. Just login and click on the Badges Tab. Then begin checking off the activities you have completed in the past. The total number of points you honestly check off counts towards your status. Points accumulate over time.

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Last updated on October 18th, 2022