Moving the car forward under tension

Moving the jib sheet car forward when the jib sheet is under tension presents a bit of a problem and many times you’ll just wait until you tack to the other side to move it. Or more dangerously, you can release the tension a little then put your foot on the jibsheet forward of the car to get the tension off the car so that you can move it.  But what if you’re on a long take or there is just too much tension to hold down the sheet with your foot? Well here’s a little tip I learned from the guys at BVI Yacht Charters.  Take the lazy sheet over to the leeward side and cleat it off tight to the mid cleat. Now you can release the tension of the working sheet while the lazy sheet holds the sail mostly in place. Move the car – tension up the working sheet and then release the lazy sheet. How about that?

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Last updated on July 8th, 2022