Cirrus clouds

Perfect example of cirrus clouds this morning in Austin Texas. Cirrus clouds typically mean that weather is changing in about 2 – 3 days. Many times it can mean the approach of a warm front – but not necessarily.


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  1. Eric Perlinger
    Eric Perlinger says:

    I just finished the Weather Clinic and the course was great. Some of the techinal stuff I had to learn by rote instead of fully understanding.

    Yesterday, I had a Eureka moment that I wanted to share. I was reading a book from France about sailing. In their weather section they explained that in the Northern Hemisphere, if the wind is blowing on your face, the low is to your right, just as explained int the Weather Clinic. What they added however, is that the high is to your left. By adding this information, which now obvious to me, it helped me understand how the wind in a high blows clockwise and and from the low is counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere (it is the opposite in the Southern Hemispehere). They also had a sketch showing this effect and a sketch showing that due to the Coriolis effect the wind turns always in the same direction, the difference as to clockwise (high) or counter clockwise (low) is determined by if the wind is caused by a down-draft (high) or an up-draft (high).

    This explanantion and these sketches helped me understand what I had memorized in the Weather Clinic.

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Last updated on July 6th, 2022