Navigating the Waters of Sailing Credentials: A Clear Guide

Confused about sailing licenses, certifications, and resumes? Let’s clear the fog.

For Mediterranean or Seychelles charters, a sailing license is essential. Globally, a sailing certification isn’t a requirement for chartering a boat, but a sailing resume is crucial AND required.

Charter companies prioritize competence over certifications. A sailing resume, akin to a job resume, should showcase your sailing education, skills, and experience, including:

  • Command experience, specifying vessel sizes
  • Time spent on similar-sized vessels to the one being chartered
  • Crew experience
  • Sailing courses completed
  • Boat ownership history
  • Multi-day sailing trips as master or crew
  • Instructor training and assessments

Charter companies assess your ability to safely operate their vessel. While certifications show learning, they don’t guarantee competence and therefore are NOT blindly accepted.

NauticEd’s FREE Sailing Resume Building Software

NauticEd’s approach to competence includes theory knowledge, practical skills, and experience, all integrated into our sailing resume software. It’s free and helps build a comprehensive sailing resume. The software also awards certifications and licenses for the Mediterranean/Seychelles when appropriate criteria are met.

For beginners without experience or boat access, starting with practical training at a sailing school is recommended. Many schools offer charter opportunities post-training. NauticEd suggests gaining around 50 days of sailing experience before chartering for a week-long vacation. Here is a great blog article on gaining sailing experience without needing to own a boat.

What to Include in Your Sailing Resume:

– Over 25 outings as master of a 28ft+ vessel
– Anchoring, yacht ownership, blue water, and crew experience
– Recent 5-year sailing history
– Mediterranean mooring skills (if applicable)
– Previous charter experience

– All above plus documented education. For education, NauticEd recommends the Bareboat Charter Master bundle of courses ($175, approx. 40 hours online), covering essential theory knowledge for safe yacht chartering. This includes courses on skippering, maneuvering, bareboat chartering, coastal and electronic navigation, anchoring, navigation rules, and sail trimming.

– All above plus verified practical competence

In Summary

Charter companies welcome experienced and educated individuals. NauticEd advises being well-practiced, educated, and professionally assessed.

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Last updated on December 27th, 2023