Sailing in Thailand – Day 3

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This is the continuing NauticEd Staff and friends Thailand Sailing trip with The Moorings on a Catamaran 4600.

Last night we slept anchored up next to the beautiful Rai Leh beach which was an excellent stop.

Our Anchorage at Rai Leh beach

Our Anchorage at Rai Leh beach

This morning we set sail (actually motored because there was no wind) south in search of a good snorkeling spot on the way to Ko Phi Phi.

Note that I am taking these chart pics off the Navionics Asia App which we used exclusively through out the trip. We did not use the onboard Chart Plotter. The iPad app is so much friendlier.


South From Rai Leh Beach to Ko Phi Phi

South From Rai Leh Beach to Ko Phi Phi


First stop was Ko Dam Khwang. On the way is Koh Dam Hok with its unique chicken head rock

Ko Dam Hok Chicken Head rock

Ko Dam Hok Chicken Head rock

We stopped on the north side where other tourists were also snorkeling. Actually compared to our next stop at Ko Mai Phai it wasn’t that great just to be honest. A few of us got nailed by jelly fish and the tide stream was flowing pretty hard so we elected to move on in search of the perfect snorkeling spot.  But we did have some fun in the dinghy. Notice the expert foot steering whilst I held the GoPro.

Fun snorkeling with the dinghy

Fun snorkeling with the dinghy

But just before we left Koh Dam Khwang we went off the back of the boat with a few pieces of bread. Awesome colored fish were everywhere.


Fish at Ko Dam Khwang

Fish at Ko Dam Khwang

Next stop was Ko Mai Phai where the ultimate reward was awaiting us. We anchored in the sand so as not to damage the reef and swam to the reef. The snorkeling was spectacular with Sea Anemones complete with Clown fish and clams, fish

Ko Mai Phai Snorkeling

Ko Mai Phai Snorkeling Was Awesome

The snorkeling was spectacular with Sea Anemones complete with Clown fish,   clams and tons of fish.

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Clown Fish Nemo and dad Marlin

Clown Fish Nemo and dad Marlin

Back on the boat and the wind started to build. Wow – yah finally. Hoist up the John B’s sails (Beach Boys)!

We set sail on a close haul for Ko Phi Phi but we were enjoying the sailing so much we purposefully overshot the island by 5 miles just for fun. We tacked over and did a nice reach onto the southern bay of Ko Phi Phi. We motored right up to the water dock in about the position marked. Water tank fill up was 1500 bhat (kinda expensive $us40) but it was well worth it. The girls were starting to complain (not really).


Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a very alive town with tons of tourists (tons). But with that goes lots of good thai food and lots of night life.

Returning back to the yacht, again we experienced the large tides. We had left the dinghy high and dry on the beach with the fore thought to tie it carefully to the rock wall. When we returned later it was happily floating in 2 feet of water. Thanks to our handy tide app we knew at all times what was happening tide wise.

We had to anchor out quite a way because of all the yachts in the bay. 15 meters would mean a little over 3 scope on the all chain  anchor. I checked our pocketGRIB wind App and saw no wind coming over night so anchoring deep wasn’t a concern and by now we were pretty confident that the Bruce anchor was holding very well in mud.

That’s it for Day 3

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