10 Essential Tips for Chartering a Private Yacht

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10 Essential Tips for Chartering a Private Yacht
by Motion Yacht Charters in the Solent UK.

Chartering a private yacht is a great way to enjoy sailing without actually owning a boat. It’s a good way to test different boats in case, at some point, you decide to buy your own. For first-timers, chartering a yacht can be tricky, so here are 10 top tips to help you make the best choice.

  1. A skippered charter with crew

Yacht charter companies such as Motion Charters Solent in the UK provide skippered yacht charters, which means novice sailors can avoid the stress and strain of having to navigate at sea and in and out of port. The skipper is in charge and, together with the crew, they do all the sailing and the hard work.

This means you and your family can sit back and relax. You can choose to participate as a crew member if you want, but the skipper will have to approve this. But if you decide to just stretch out on the sundeck, sip champagne and enjoy the ride, that’s absolutely fine!

  1. Bareboat

You can hire a yacht with no skipper or crew – this is called bareboat – but then some sailing experience is necessary. Boat charter companies will require proof of your theory knowledge and practical competency such as the NauticEd free sailing resume given to all NauticEd students. If need be, they can arrange a refresher course to bring you up to speed. Fuelling and provisioning the yacht, as well as all the port administration and costs are the hirer’s responsibility.

Learn about sailing certifications and resumes here

  1. Flotilla charters

If you prefer the privacy of a bareboat charter, but are a little uncomfortable with the navigation process, then a flotilla of like-minded skippers could be your best solution. This is a relaxed way to sail together in a group of boats. Common courses are followed and the skippers look out for each other. Flotilla charters are a firm favourite with families who have children.

  1. Shipmates

If you’ve hired a yacht of modest proportions with a crew and a skipper, then everyone needs to have respect and be considerate of each other’s space. Make sure your friends and family know what’s expected of them before you cast off.

  1. Weather forecast

Weather plays an incredibly important part of any yacht charter, so make sure you’ve done some homework before setting sail – the last thing you want is to be caught in bad weather, especially on a small yacht. Sailing charter companies monitor the weather closely and won’t let you leave port if storms and high seas are forecast.

  1. Chartering is a good option

Chartering a yacht is a lot less expensive than owning your own. Unless you spend around 14 weeks a year on your boat, it’s much cheaper to charter one. Anyway, who has as much time as 14 weeks to spend on a boat each year – most of us average only around 2 weeks a year!

  1. Chartering is a lot less work

If you have your own boat, there’s a lot of work needed to keep her looking shipshape and in good running order. When you charter a boat, you just show up and there she is, neat and clean, fully-fuelled and in perfect running order, all thanks to the charter hire company.

And when you arrive back in port after your trip, all you have to do is return to the marina, refuel her, pump out the holding tank, then stow your bags in your car and drive away. There’s no cabin cleaning, no washing and polishing of the exterior, no repairs or maintenance – you just leave it in the hands of the charter company. Simple!

  1. Chartering is a flexible option

The option of chartering a boat is a lot more flexible than owning your own. First, depending what’s available, you can select the boat that best suits the trip you intend to take. And you don’t have to choose the same boat every time. When you own your own boat, there’s only one choice of boat – yours! There’s also the problem of having to find suitable mooring and paying mooring fees that can be pretty hefty.

  1. Chartering is less spontaneous than owning a boat

The only problem with hiring a yacht is that you can’t just decide, there and then, to go sailing for an afternoon, or a weekend, or for a week-long cruise. Most charter companies insist on at least 3 or 4 days’ notice, sometimes more. During the peak summer season, they require at least 7 days’ notice and you have to charter a boat for a minimum period of a week or more. So, if you like to do things on the spur of the moment, chartering a yacht may not be your best bet.

  1. You don’t always get what you want

Even though boat charter companies have a wide selection of boats to choose from, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the boat you want when you want it. For the best chance to get the boat you prefer, plan your trip and book your yacht several months in advance.

See this article on when you should be booking for which location and which season.

NauticEd are agents for all yacht charter companies worldwide and chances are we have been to the location you’re considering. We can give you good advice and find the best priced boat for you.

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Last updated on June 30th, 2022