Dinghy Sailing iBook for Kids 8 to 80


“What’s better than a fun electronic kids game on an iPad? Learning to sail a dinghy using the interactive capabilities of an iPad – that’s what!”

That’s what NauticEd is saying about their latest iBook “Your first Weekend of Dinghy Sailing”. The 60 page ibook is focused on teaching kids how to get started in sailing. The interactive animations are used to explain each individual concept. O’Pen Bic provided the colorful images while NauticEd developed the HTML5 animations using Adobe Animate. “We wrote the iBook using Apple’s proprietary iBooks Author software and used  HTML5 Animations specifically because they will work on the iPad as well as in any Internet browser” said Grant Headifen, Director of Education for NauticEd.

Your First Weekend of Dinghy Sailing

The book also has an interactive question review section at the end of each chapter to ensure the young readers have grasped all the concepts. Headifen believes that the book will become a standard for dinghy sailing education because the  today’s kids expect colorful graphics and interactivity on almost every piece of educational material. “We say 8 to 80 because we still beleive that adults have some kid left in them” laughs Headifen.

Parents wanting to get their kids into sailing will find the ibook well laid out and can use it as a base for a teaching. Club instructors will also find the iBook an excellent first weekend instructional resource and should consider pushing the iPad screen up onto the club TV screen to demonstrate the animations and or they can email the parents the iTunes address for homework and rain out days.

“Your First Weekend of Dinghy Sailing” was co-written by Headifen and Paul Ainsworth, an RYA dinghy sailing instructor in the UK. Mark Orams, a London Olympics sailing coach reviewed the book. Following the 1st published edition, New Zealanders – Olivia Powrie and Jo Aleh, London Olympics sailing gold medalists  have agreed to endorse the book saying that they are excited to help others get into sailing.

The book is available on Apple iTunes by searching for the title. NauticEd will donate a percentage of sales to a kids sailing club in New Zealand.

To learn more about NauticEd and sailing courses, visit their website at www.nauticed.org

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Grant Headifen
Last updated on July 6th, 2022