Line Of Position Images

Lines of Position

Lines of Position – Problem

You take the following bearings using a hand bearing compass.

Line Of Position Images

From the image below, identify the lighthouse, the marina, the monument and the boat. For this exercise assume zero variation (angle difference between magnetic north and true north).

Line Of Position dots

This is an exercise presented in the NauticEd Coastal Navigation course.  The Coastal Navigation course is loaded with practical exercises as well as a complete discussion of the theory. The course follows the United States Coast Guard Captain’s license navigation requirements where you will learn this important skill and dozens of other skills. Passing the Coastal Navigation course is also required in order to gain the new SLC™ sailing license which is now accepted by European countries. View the SLC here

Download the answer PDF to the above problem here. But before you do, give it a good try first.


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Last updated on March 29th, 2023