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How do I progress through the NauticEd Rank and Level Sailing Certification Platform

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Increasing Rank

A NauticEd rank is a designation within the NauticEd sailing education system that signifies a sailor’s level of competency, based on a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical training, and recorded sailing experience. The ranks help in charting your progress as a sailor and are recognized in the sailing community.

Here are the key ranks within the NauticEd system and how you can progress through them:

1. **Crew Rank**

– Aimed at beginners, this rank is for those who want to be competent crew members.
– Progression: Complete the Crew Member course and gain practical experience.
– With Verified Competence: demonstrate the practical skills to a NauticEd Instructor/Assessor

2. **Skipper Rank (Small Keelboat or Large Keelboat)**

– This rank is for those who can skipper a sailboat.
– Progression: Complete the Skipper course (for small or large keelboats as per your interest), and log sailing experience.
– With Verified Competence: demonstrate the practical skills to a NauticEd Instructor/Assessor

3. **Bareboat Charter Master Rank**

– This rank is for those who want to charter sailboats or lead sailing vacations.
– Progression: Complete advanced courses like the Bareboat Charter Master course, and log a minimum of 50 sailing days in your history.
– With Verified Competence: demonstrate the practical skills to a NauticEd Instructor/Assessor

4. **Captain Rank**

– This is an advanced rank for those who want to undertake long-distance and offshore sailing.
– Progression: Complete the Offshore Captain course along with other advanced courses, log extensive sailing experience – a minimum of 50 days.
– With Verified Competence: demonstrate the appropriate practical skills to a NauticEd Instructor/Assessor

To progress through these ranks:

**Complete Online Courses:** Start with the online courses relevant to the rank you’re aiming for. These courses are comprehensive and cover various aspects of sailing.

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**Practical Training** Participate in on-the-water training through NauticEd-affiliated schools. Practical skills are crucial for rank advancement.

**Log Sailing Days** Use NauticEd’s electronic logbook to record your sailing days. More advanced ranks require more logged sailing days.

**Pass Assessments** Demonstrate your competence through tests and practical assessments.

**Continuous Learning** Keep learning and gaining experience. Sailing is a skill where there is always more to learn, and continuous practice is vital.

The progression through these ranks is not just about meeting specific requirements but also about gaining confidence, competence, and a deep understanding and love for sailing. Each rank you achieve marks a significant milestone in your sailing journey.

Increasing Levels

NauticEd Levels represent different stages of sailing competence and certification, reflecting a sailor’s accumulated on-the-water experience. Here’s an overview of the levels and how to progress through them:

Level 1: This is the entry-level certification. To achieve this, you need to log a minimum of 10 days in the NauticEd electronic logbook. This level is suitable for beginners who have gained some basic sailing experience.

Level 2: To reach Level 2, you must log at least 25 days in your electronic logbook. This level indicates a deeper level of experience and competence, suitable for sailors who are becoming more confident in their skills.

Level 3: Achieving Level 3 requires logging a minimum of 50 days. This level is for sailors who have considerable experience and are proficient in various sailing scenarios.

Level 4: This advanced level requires logging at least 100 days. Level 4 certification is for seasoned sailors who have a wealth of experience and are capable of handling more challenging sailing conditions.

Level 5: The highest and most advanced level, Level 5 requires logging a minimum of 200 days. This level is for expert sailors with extensive experience, demonstrating a high degree of competence and skill.

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To progress through these levels, you need to actively sail and log your days on the water in the NauticEd electronic logbook or use the SailTies App on your phone which automatically uploads to your NauticEd electronic logbook. Each level builds on the previous one, requiring more sailing days to demonstrate increased competence and experience. Alongside logging days, it’s also important to continuously learn and improve your sailing skills, whether through formal training, self-study, or practical experience.

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