Virtual Reality Sailing Training and Racing

FREE Virtual Reality Sailing Training and Racing Events

No matter where you are on our watery planet, please join our Virtual Reality Sailing Training and Fun Racing Events.

**NEW** You have a choice of training with instructors, or if experienced then you can race with other VR sailors.

Introductory Training: if just starting out – you can join informal training to become familiar with sailing in VR while practicing basic sailing skills. We recommend that you take NauticEd’s free Basic Sail Trim course beforehand to become familiar with the concepts and terms.

• Fun Racing: once you’re familiar with sailing in VR and know sailing basics, join others in some casual and fun racing – a GREAT way to practice and learn sailing. No pressure and almost everyone involved is either just practicing or knocking around the marks for fun. The Free Navigation Rules course may help as well if you’re unfamiliar or rusty with sailboat right-of-way when racing or just messing around.


Starting in October 2023, NauticEd and Marineverse are offering informal Virtual Reality Sailing Training Events as well as group/social VR sailing. VR sailing is an amazing tool to supplement your sailing training, whether you’re just learning or experienced. It’s also fun, especially when sailing with others in VR.

Learn why VR is so important to modern-day training and how it accelerates your learning.

We’ll start with some orientation as well as basic practice on the VR boats, and then have some fun racing!

View the below video for a intro (and some sailor banter)

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FREE to participate! *see requirements below


  • 40 (or so) minutes
  • Please sign in 10 or so minutes early to get yourself properly situated in the Virtual Lobby


  1.  Obviously, you will need to have a Meta Quest headset (there’s still time to order one on Amazon now) and download the MarineVerse App ($19.99)
  2.  Completed the Free NauticEd Basic Sail Trim Course online
  3.  Completed the items in the Free NauticEd Virtual Reality Instruction Course to be properly signed up
  4.  Completed MarineVerse’s basic instructions and the Free Self Mastery Course (in the NauticEd Training Room)


  1. If you’re a novice or new sailor and want some free professional instruction
  2. Experienced VR sailors who’d like to practice or just have fun on the race course
  3. Expert Sailors who are willing to give instruction to others


Register Here

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Scroll below for upcoming Training and Racing events


Please ensure you watch the video below to get into the correct place to start.

By now you should have completed the following:

  • NauticEd’s free Basic Sail Trim course (if racing, we also recommend the free Navigational Rules)
  • MarineVerse’s beginning instructions, including using the app and basic sail controls
  • The VR Self-Mastery course (in MarineVerse / NauticEd’s training room)
  • Update your headset if needed and before the session (a couple of people have missed prior events due to unexpected and “surprise” Meta Quest updates!)
  • Ensure the mic is on in your settings (see below)
  • You should generally be comfortable with the controls

Watch basic instructions

Please feel welcome to record your session. We will also be recording. Please let us know if you object to recording and making any videos public. Your last name will NOT be used.

To Join


For those wanting to join the sailing instruction

  1. Once in the MarineVerse App…
  2. Enter the Public Lobby (watch the video to get to the lobby)
  3. And, you’ll meet the instructors in the lobby – and they’ll give instructions


For those that want to join the casual fun Races

  1. You can skip the public lobby and go directly to the private lobby and type a private lobby name FUNRACE1
  2. Or, if that is full, then type in FUNRACE2
  3. Click on enter private lobby
  4. Click on Yacht
  5. Then “Fleet Racing” instead of Match Racing

Event Support

General Questions: If general questions before the event, please email us at

During the Event Issues and Questions: If issues during the event, such as you cannot find the room, looking for players, having issues, just want to chat, etc… – then you can use Discord within the Marineverse App.

MarineVerse Discord for support during Virtual Reality events

Click to enlarge

Microphone Settings

Turn on your microphnne in the metaquest quich settings menu

Click to enlarge

Ensure Your Mic is ON in Settings:

  • Tap your right thumb on the right Meta Quest hand controller
  • Tap the time/battery pill box (quick settings)
  • Ensure your mic is on – you will need it on for the training to ask questions


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