FREE Rules of Right of Way Course for Sailboats

Since we have just launched this new FREE rules of right of way for sailing vessels course, this is the first blog. The free online sailing course has many visuals of right of way situations as depicted here. There is a lot of thought out there that sailboats have right of way when in actual fact there are many instances when they must give way. So hopefully this course can dispel those safety hazards in discussing the rules of the road for vessels. The free online sailing course for rules of right of way for sailboats is atour sailing courses section.

In this situation the blue boat must give way as it is on port whereas the red boat is on starboard.

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  1. jes1
    jes1 says:

    I just completed the Rules of Right of Way course as a refresher to the ASA courses that I completed years ago.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that NauticEd doesn’t just list the rules and expect you to remember them. The illustrations help you visualize real-life scenarios where you’ll apply each rule and the plain-speak explanations walk you through the reasons for the rule. This time around I understand the rules AND the logic behind them. Now everything makes more sense and will be easier to remember.

    I’ll admit the word Test was intimidating up front, but by the time I got to that section I was feeling well prepared and the test was actually fun, especially the parts where you apply the rules in different scenarios. The reinforcement provided by the visuals really helped.

    Great job, NauticEd! I’m giving you all high marks. I’m looking forward to taking my next course.

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Last updated on July 11th, 2022