Anchoring and going to the potty HTML5 animations

Anchoring and going to the head animations

With the introduction of iPad technology into the eLearning arena, animated gifs and flash files don’t work anymore and so we’re learning to use HTML animations and simulations instead and embed into our courses. The animations are fun to build but they do take a long time to create. For example in the below animation, trying to get the anchor rode to act like a catenary shape through out the wind gust and pay out was an interesting challenge. Eventually we created a vector curve in Illustrator then imported into the animation then scaled and skewed the vector curve through out the animation.

The animation is featured in our Anchoring a Sailboat course which will soon be available on iPad iBooks. The animation is used to discuss how to drop the anchor and back away to set it. It also depicts a wind gust and what happens to the rode as the boat pulls back. An additional animation is added to show the use of a Kellet which helps in light to no wind situations to keep the rode laid out on the bottom and prevent the rode from wrapping around the keel.



This was a fun one and possibly slightly demented but is there anyone else on the planet who is willing to teach a grown stranger how to go to the potty? Certainly as captain I’d rather not teach people how to use the head each time we go out with landlubbers so we’re relying on the student body here to post this blog out to as many people as possible to save us all. PLEASE hit the facebook like button above.

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