Catamaran Sailing Game by NauticEd

Here is a youtube post by one of our talented students who gets a perfect score playing our Catamaran Maneuvering game. I’m guesssing a few hours were involved here but I’m pretty sure that given this amount of maneuvering experience in real life, Andrew would be an expert at maneuvering a catamaran around in a marina.

Here Andrew expertly maneuvers the catamaran through out the marina without one bonk or scratch. The game can be found online and is free to play when you log into NauticEd. The game is as realistic as possible and is controlled using the two throttles as would be found on a real catamaran. Play this game and you’re a long way to gaining some valuable experience for when you really get on a Catarmaran on your next sailing vacation.

If you’ve not sailed a catamaran before, then take our Catamaran Sailing Confidence course.

Here’s Andrew gameplay – thanks Andrew.

And here is our video discussing the game

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