Meet Sailing Instructor Michael Pearce

Every day on the water is unique, exhilarating, mentally stimulating and often challenging.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have 10 years of experience as an electronic designer and program manager; and 30 years of experience in semiconductor and equipment sales and marketing. I played soccer professionally as a teenager, for many years as an amateur, and then had 20 years of coaching experience with badges and certificates from USSF and the English FA. I sailed dinghies and Hobie cats as a child and young adult and returned to large keelboat sailing about 10 years ago.

Keelboats -or- Catamarans?


Local Sailing -or- Coastal/Charter Vacations -or- Deep Blue?

Coastal / Excursions

What’s your “Style” of sailing?

Adventure (new destinations & experiences)

What got you into sailing?

Started as a child and after some kayaking experience for the DofE awards, began dinghy sailing in the estuary called the Bristol Channel in Wales. I returned many years later as crew on a cruising cat in the Windward Islands and fell in love with that experience.

What does sailing do (or has done) for you?

Opens up a wealth of destinations, not accessible to tourists and cruise ships. Delivers a lot of fun and adventure whilst providing the opportunity to learn constantly, planning, and problem solving.

Most memorable sailing experience?

1st trip to Catalina Island after just passing ASA104. Nowhere near qualified or experienced enough to take a 35’ sloop offshore. Major issues with the boat, worsening weather and an unexpected (not forecast) sea state. It was all worthwhile after we moored the boat in the dark and went ashore to Avalon to eat Mexican food.

What are a couple of your favorite sailing spots?

Windward Islands from St Lucia to Grenada. Ionian Islands, Corfu to Zakinthos

What’s your favorite part about teaching sailors?

When the light goes on as the student connects the theory to the reality. The joy a student feels and expresses after completing a difficult task or executing a maneuver perfectly. The camaraderie that sailing promotes.

What advice would you give a new student about sailing?  An experienced sailor?

Study your theory, and utilize modern learning modes, especially AR and VR. Get on the water as much as possible in different conditions. If you have experience, make sure you are still learning – revisit the theory and keep up to date on current trends.

What is a random fact about yourself?

I love thoroughbred horse racing, have owned a couple of decent horses, and have visited 40 tracks all over the world including 20 in the UK and the World Championships in Dubai.

What’s on your sailing ‘bucket list’?

Croatia, (had to cancel 3 trips during the COVID-19 years) – Italy (Going to Procida in June 2024) – Spain’s Balearic Islands.


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Last updated on January 4th, 2024