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Are you looking to enhance your sailing skills or transition to the exhilarating world of catamaran sailing? Look no further! We are excited to promote a range of specialized catamaran learning programs, in collaboration with YachtCations in Houston Texas, that cater to various levels of sailing expertise. Each program integrates seamlessly with the NauticEd sailing certification program, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

  1. New to Sailing? You don’t have to start on a monohull if you don’t want to. You can easily start with Sailing Lessons on a Large Catamaran: Ideal for beginners, this program combines professional on-the-water practical training with theoretical knowledge. Whether you’re starting your sailing journey or aiming to achieve specific sailing goals, these courses are tailored to provide a foundational understanding of sailing a catamaran.
  2. Catamaran Conversion Training for Seasoned Sailors: A one-day intensive program designed for experienced monohull sailors ready to transition to catamarans. Focusing on maneuvering techniques and the nuances differentiating catamaran sailing from monohull sailing, this course is perfect for those planning a catamaran sailing vacation. Complete the course and, with the necessary credentials(a), receive your yacht-charter-company-recognized Catamaran Endorsement.
  3. SLC Assessment in Just One Day: Specifically tailored for sailors seeking a Mediterranean license (SLC), this 6-hour assessment is rigorous and comprehensive. It evaluates your Bareboat Charter Competence and is available for both monohull and catamaran sailors. (a)It’s crucial to have the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Level III certification before undertaking this assessment and gaining a Catamaran Endorsement.
  4. Combo Catamaran Conversion & SLC Assessment: Maximize your time and effort by combining the Catamaran Conversion and SLC Assessment. This 1.5-day trip is an efficient way to expand your sailing credentials and expertise.
  5. Customizable Catamaran Sailing Lessons and Training: Ranging from 3 to 10 days, this program offers personalized training in catamaran sailing. It adapts to each student’s prior experience and learning pace, ensuring a tailored and focused approach to meet individual competence needs.
  6. NauticEd Instructor Catamaran Conversion: A specialized 3-day program for certified NauticEd Monohull Instructors. It delves into the intricacies of catamaran sailing, maneuvering, and operations, preparing instructors to conduct training and assessments for the Catamaran Endorsement. The program includes extensive practical training in catamaran systems, problem-solving, and repairs.

Each of these programs is not just a course; it’s an adventure and a stepping stone to mastering the art of catamaran sailing. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned sailor, or an instructor, these courses are designed to enhance your skills and confidence on the water. Don’t miss the chance to set sail on this exciting journey. Register now and make 2024 the year you conquer the waves on a catamaran!

Then visit the YachtCations Catamaran Sailing Training page to learn more about gaining the practical sailing training experience you need to manage a large catamaran competently. No matter where you are in North America or the world, Houston Texas is an easy jump to get the catamaran experience you need. There are close-by hotels to the marina or YachtCations can even put you up on the catamarans themselves – ready for coffee and training the next morning.

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