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But some ask why do we do this.

We received an email this morning from someone who compliments us on our courses but ripped us a new one for requiring him to enter time into his logbook.

Well, we don’t quite “require”, but the software does raise the student’s rank and level when they demonstrate that they have on the water experience. Without experience, we and others cannot possibly know how good of a sailor the student is. They can take all the courses in the world but without hands-on experience, the student cannot be expected to safely commend a sailboat on the ocean, especially considering the non-breathable properties of water.

Some certifying bodies will give people a 104 type Bareboat Certification with only a few hours of helm time. This is unrealistic and every yacht charter company would turn down that client because of lack of experience.


Anyway, here was our response. As usual, we added a little humor.


Thanks for your feedback.
All yacht charter companies worldwide will demand a written sailing resume despite how much experience a client purports to have.
It is, for this reason, we assist people with an automated resume and summary of their experience in a yacht charter acceptable format.
However, without Vulcan mind-meld technology we have no other way to assist the user to create their resume. So it requires self-input.
The software is very easy and intuitive. It remembers your last entry. So all you have to do is set one up then increment the date. We recommend that you start with this year and enter just ten days. That will grow you to level I and allow your to progress to skipper.
We do have one Vulcan trick up our sleeve however and that is our iOS TrackLink App. It GPS tracks your track and uploads it automatically to your logbook.
We value your feedback always
My vision for NauticEd is to provide the highest quality sailing and boating education available - and deliver competence wherever sailors live and go.
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Last updated on July 6th, 2022