High Wind Docking Maneuvers

How to back your sailboat into a slip with a high cross wind against the direction of propwalk.

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Watch this animation. It deals with an extremely high wind situation.

The trouble is that you are wanting to turn the boat against propwalk and you simply can not get the aft of the boat to turn downwind. Wind turning the bow down and propwalk turning the aft up counteract your rudder no matter how fast you go in reverse. The boat will easily turn clockwise but not counterclockwise. So how do you solve this problem with ease?



What to do next? Next windy day, grab a friend, grab some lunch and a few libations (non-alchy) and head out to the boat. Do all the exercises we prescribe in the Maneuvering Under Power course. But make sure you take the course first.

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The NauticEd Maneuvering and Docking a Sailboat Under Power Course.




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Last updated on July 7th, 2022