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NauticEd Ties a Stronger Knot with SailTies

GPS Tracking App for Resume Building

In the evolving world of sailing education and resume building through experience tracking, NauticEd has taken a significant leap forward by strengthening its partnership with SailTies, the GPS tracking app that’s capturing the attention of sailors worldwide. Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, SailTies isn’t just another app; it’s a gateway to authenticating and enhancing one’s sailing resume through real-life adventures.

Sailors are always on the lookout for ways to credibly document their experiences on the water. With SailTies, they can now seamlessly build an authenticated logbook directly on the NauticEd resume platform. This integration is more than just convenience; it’s about creating a verifiable, comprehensive record of sailing experiences that count. As SailTies automatically downloads GPS-tracked adventures into the NauticEd electronic logbook, students and enthusiasts alike can bolster their resumes with genuine, trackable sea miles and adventures.

What sets SailTies apart is its user-centric features. Sailors can revisit their tracks to reminisce about every bay, anchorage, tack, and gybe. These features are not just about recording; they’re about learning and improving, as sailors can analyze their tacking angles and sailing strategies at the day’s end. Moreover, SailTies isn’t just about individual experiences; it’s about sharing and community. Users can invite friends to join their tracks, allowing an entire crew to share a logbook entry, enhancing the social aspect of sailing adventures.

For those aiming to charter yachts, the combination of NauticEd and SailTies offers a compelling advantage. Yacht charter companies often prioritize a sailor’s resume of experience over mere certifications. By integrating SailTies’ detailed tracking with NauticEd’s educational platform, sailors can present a robust and authenticated resume, significantly enhancing their qualifications for chartering.

NauticEd’s software further complements this integration by automatically incorporating both manually entered sailing experiences and those tracked by SailTies into a student’s logbook. This synergy ensures that every mile, every course, and every real-world experience contributes to building a credible and comprehensive sailing resume. When combined with NauticEd’s online courses and on-the-water instructor time, sailors are equipped with an internationally recognized license and certification, marking them as competent and experienced sailors ready to take on the seas.

Recognizing the value of SailTies, the app has introduced an upgraded version, SailTies Plus, at an incredible value of $38 per year. This upgrade offers enhanced features, ensuring that sailors have the best tools at their disposal for tracking and sharing their seafaring journeys.

The strengthened partnership between NauticEd and SailTies is a testament to their commitment to advancing sailing education and experience tracking. By focusing on what each does best—NauticEd in creating competent sailors through education and SailTies in tracking and sharing sailing adventures—this collaboration is setting new standards in the sailing community. Sailors can now enjoy the best of both worlds: an educational platform that builds competence and a tracking app that validates and shares their seafaring experiences with the world.

House Keeping Item: If you are currently using NauticEd’s own TrackLink App, we encourage you to move fully to the SailTies App. NauticEd will stop supporting TrackLink. None of your TrackLink tracks will be lost, and previous TrackLink tracks will remain in your NauticEd eLogbook.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign-up for free account with NauticEd – or – sign-in if you already have a NauticEd account
  2. Go to your Logbook page
  3. Tap on the SailTies logo and follow the instructions
  4. Go sailing more often

Here are the top reasons we think SailTies Plus can improve your nautical log:

  1. Voyage Collections

Group voyages together on one beautiful map with combined stats. Perfect to relive & share your favorite trips, such as a NauticEd sailing holiday!

2.  Automatic Marine Weather

Wind, swell & point of sail on voyage tracks and summarised on your sailor CV. Look back on sailing conditions and even prove your waviest or windiest voyages!

3. Videos & extra Voyage Photos


Capture the most memorable parts of your sailing experiences, annotated onto your track.

4. Sailor Stats for your whole history

Fun, nautical insights from voyages of years gone by, such as countries sailed, tidal miles, and vessel list – all automatically generated!

At NauticEd, we love SailTies – download it and give it a try.

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Last updated on April 1st, 2024