NauticEd & Navigare Yachting
Joint Flotilla in St. Martin

March 7-15, 2025 | Hosted by NauticEd

Join NauticEd and Navigare Yachting to celebrate the launch of Navigare Yachting’s new St. Martin base.

Sailing in St. Martin offers a blend of Caribbean charm, diverse sailing opportunities, and convenient amenities. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural immersion, sailing in St. Martin promises an unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking Caribbean landscapes and warm hospitality.

2025 St. Martin Flotilla Overview

NauticEd & Navigare Yachting


March 7th (Friday; sleep aboard 5pm), with charter start March 8th (Saturday; noon) – March 15th (Saturday; noon), 2025.


We welcome all, sailors and non-sailors alike.

NauticEd team members will be leading the flotilla. Navigare Yachting will be providing the yachts.

Navigare - NauticEd

Boats and Costs

Reserve a cabin or reserve a boat (bareboat or skippered; mono or cat).

By the Cabin – Skippered Catamaran. Each cabin holds two persons; light instruction will be provided for those interested in learning.

  • Bali Catspace Three cabins available @ $5500 per cabin (double occupancy cabin). Book a cabin, two, or all three. Inclusive of onboard food, captain’s fee, mooring fees, fuel, and standup paddle board.

By the Boat – Charter the entire boat and fill it with friends/family. Costs vary by boat and amenities. Additional costs include flights, provisioning, mooring fees, water toys, sleep-aboard the night prior for an early start on Saturday, and re-fueling at the end of the charter. We charge a $750 flotilla fee on top of the charter company rental price.

  • Bareboat (you skipper)
  • Skippered – if you need, we can hire a skipper for you. Add $2400 to the cost below for the skipper. (The Skipper takes a cabin).


Note: These prices include a pass-through early booking discount from the charter company. Prices will increase by approximately 15% on May 1st 2024. BOOK NOW – we are taking the entire Navigare St. Martin fleet as listed above for this week. Once these boats are filled there are no more options to add boats.

More about this Flotilla?

If you’re looking to gain some experiential training, then this is a great opportunity to hang out with some of our top Instructors. 

Above, we say “light instruction” because – this is a vacation but with that comes gaining the experience of what a sailing vacation offers and some how-to’s when operating a boat on such a vacation.

Those who are competent skippers bringing their crew or family and friends are certainly welcome and encouraged to join the comradery. Or those that want to just hang back and get captained around with their feet up in the hammock – we have a place and a captain for you as well.

The 2025 St Martin Flotilla is a casual flotilla without a ‘theme.’ This is NOT an adult-only flotilla, a party yacht week, or a flotilla focusing solely on hiking or wines or yoga. We’re laid back and run our flotillas that way. Of course, you’re welcome to explore as you see fit. There is a no ducks-in-a-row mentality; a flotilla offers you independence with peace of mind as well as fun and camaraderie with other flotilla sailors.

Learn more about what is a sailing vacation and a sailing flotilla … >

Why Sail the St Martin Area?

Sailing in St. Martin, also known as Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten, offers a plethora of reasons why it’s an excellent destination for sailing enthusiasts

  • Idyllic Caribbean Setting: St. Martin boasts stunning Caribbean landscapes with pristine waters, white sandy beaches, and picturesque coastlines, making it a dream destination for sailors.
  • Year-Round Sailing Weather: The island enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures throughout the year, providing ideal conditions for sailing adventures regardless of the season.
  • Abundance of Anchorages and Marinas: St. Martin offers numerous anchorages and marinas, providing ample opportunities for sailors to explore various parts of the island and neighboring areas.
  • Convenient Location: Positioned in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, St. Martin serves as a convenient hub for sailors to embark on island-hopping adventures, exploring nearby destinations such as Anguilla, St. Barts, and Saba.
  • Diverse Sailing Routes: Whether you’re interested in leisurely coastal cruising, adventurous offshore passages, or competitive racing events, St. Martin offers diverse sailing routes suitable for all preferences and skill levels.
  • Cultural Fusion: As a divided island shared by France and the Netherlands, St. Martin boasts a unique cultural blend, offering sailors the opportunity to experience a rich tapestry of French, Dutch, and Caribbean influences in cuisine, music, and architecture.
  • Water Activities: In addition to sailing, St. Martin provides ample opportunities for water-based activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding, ensuring a well-rounded maritime experience.
  • Sailing Events and Festivals: Throughout the year, St. Martin hosts various sailing events and festivals, including regattas, boat shows, and cultural celebrations, adding excitement and vibrancy to the sailing scene.
  • Proximity to Services and Amenities: With its developed tourism infrastructure, St. Martin offers easy access to essential services, including boat rentals, provisions, repair facilities, and waterfront dining options, enhancing the overall sailing experience.
  • Breathtaking Sunsets and Night Sailing: Sailing around St. Martin provides breathtaking opportunities to witness stunning sunsets over the Caribbean Sea, while night sailing offers a magical experience under the starry sky, creating unforgettable memories for sailors.

Come Join NauticEd in St Martin

St Martin Flotilla Sample Itinerary

This interactive map is an overview of the stops and sites from the main island of St Martin and Sint Maarten down to St Kitts. The route taken during the flotilla week will depend on prevailing and current weather.

More about St Martin

Check out our St Martin guide


Can’t Make it this Time?

Can’t make the flotilla, but want to sail St Martin—let the agents at NauticEd plan your perfect windward island sailing vacation. We know the area, we know the good companies (and the not so good). We don’t charge you a fee and you get our expertise. Inquire about a vacation in the St Martin

Want to go somewhere else?

We are location experts. Chances are … we’ve been there!  Mediterranean, Pacific, Caribbean, Asia, ‘Stralia Mate’, Indian Ocean, and many more! Inquire about a different sailing vacation

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