Sailing Charter Companies “get” NauticEd

With the addition of NauticEd’s two recent sailing Courses – Bareboat Charter Course and the Maneuvering a Sailboat under Power Course, sailing charter companies are “getting” the value of NauticEd.

Reduction in damage: The first is the obvious reduction in damage at the dock and in the marina but there are other reasons as well.

Better charter experience for everyone: Persons chartering a sailboat are encouraging their crew to take the bareboat charter course as well before they head out on the ocean. Turns out that an informed and educated crew have a much better time chartering.

Increased number of people chartering: When potential charterers  read the bareboat charter course material  it  reduces their intimidation factor about chartering a sailboat in an unknown destination. The bareboat charter course material is quite comprehensive and explains exactly what a skipper and the crew is signing up for and shows that it is actually with in the reach of experience that many people have but thought that they might not have – so more people are contacting the charter company and signing up.

Increased Brand Loyalty: Charter companies that are linking through to NauticEd have their logo posted on all the NauticEd pages when a charterer or student link from them. Thus the person is more likely to take a charter from them once the course is completed.

High tech investment in the industry: Having an online learning presence and capability makes charter companies look more organized and thus also increases their brand and sales.

Resume building and repeat customers: Coming soon – students can post their actual resume so that charter companies can simply login – see the courses that the student has taken and view their practical experience. this tends to motivate charterers to continue to build their resume and take more charters.

Simple, simple simple sign up: All this is big value for charter companies for increasing sales and brand. Charter companies can sign up through the hands on schools page whereby NauticEd will contact them directly.

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My vision for NauticEd is to provide the highest quality sailing and boating education available - and deliver competence wherever sailors live and go.
Grant Headifen
Last updated on July 11th, 2022