Romantic Yacht Charter Destinations

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Top Romantic Yacht Charter Destinations

In honor of Valentine’s day, we’ve put together this timeless list of Romantic Yacht Charter Sailing getaways.

There’s nothing more intimate or romantic than a sailing vacation.  Imagine soft romantic music playing, chilled champagne, the wind in your hair, feet in the sand and sea, watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset, surrounded by beautiful isles and picturesque bays.  Whether in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or more exotic locales, a romantic yacht charter is the ultimate in sailing adventure, tranquility, and romance. Love to all our fans! Enjoy!

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Our list of favorite romantic sailing charter destinations (by region):

Exotic Locales | Mediterranean | Caribbean

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Exotic Locales

Remote islands, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water. Nothing conjures up walking hand in hand on an empty beach more than the exotic islands archipelagos of the Seychelles and Tahiti.

Romantic sailing destinations - exotic


The land of perpetual summer, the Seychelles is an oasis in the Indian Ocean. Whether admiring the untouched landscape or deep blue waters abundant with sea life or being active snorkeling, diving, hiking, or fishing, this past pirate hideout makes for a serene yacht charter as you experience “the most beautiful islands on Earth.” The clear sea will make you want to don your rash guard and dive into the water.

  • Indian Ocean
  • Remote with many islands
  • Bluewater sailing
  • Stunning nature
  • Amazing snow-white beaches
  • Great snorkeling, diving
  • Best time for chartering: April through May or October through November

French Polynesia-Tahiti

Famous for its romantic atmosphere, stunning flora, indigenous customs, fantastic snorkeling/scuba, and postcard perfect beaches, a French Polynesia yacht charter epitomizes pure bliss. Visit the isles of Bora Bora, Taha’a, Huahine and experience the ultimate paradise. The South Pacific island of Tahiti is an exotic paradise, nestled among more than 100 islands in French Polynesia.

  • Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia
  • Remote volcanic islands chains
  • Stunning nature
  • Great wildlife perfect for snorkeling and diving
  • Best time for chartering: May through October


A yacht charter in Thailand offers gorgeous landscapes, adventurous activities, ancient temples, and island hopping exotic delights. A unique mix of party islands, remote beaches, wildlife and delicious food makes Thailand a magical and alluring destination.

Mediterranean Coasts

Looking for old-world romance? Look no further than the Mediterranean coastline where you can explore history, culture, cuisine, visit charming villages and beautiful beaches while surrounded by stunning blue waters and scenic coastlines.

Romantic Sailing destinations - Mediterranean

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Nothing says romance like Italy.  An Amalfi Coast charter provides stunning views of colorful Italian seafront towns.  Beauty, history, delicious food, vineyards, olive groves, seaside hikes and more, the Amalfi Coast epitomizes ‘amore.’

  • Beautiful Italian coast dotted with picturesque villages
  • Swanky and stylish
  • Fabulous culture, shopping, and cuisine
  • Relaxing thermal spas
  • Numerous grottos and bays
  • Best time for chartering: May through October

Cote D’Azur, France (French Riviera)

Glitz and glamour paired with quaint cafes and fishing villages.  A French Riviera yacht charter offers secluded bays, crystal clear waters, celebrity sightings, old world atmosphere, and more.  Classic French romance!

  • Gorgeous coastline
  • Cannes, Monaco, St. Tropez and more
  • Exclusive glamourous atmosphere; fashionable and chic
  • Exquisite French fine dining
  • Sheltered and secluded bays with beautiful beaches
  • Luxury spas and shops
  • Best time for chartering: May through September


Whether you explore the old world of Dubrovnik, the bustling central Dalmatia islands or the more remote Kornati or Pula areas, the dramatic landscapes of Croatia’s enormous coastline are breathtaking.  And don’t forget a stop at Croatia’s unique heart shaped Galesnjak isle—Lover’s Island.

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Turkish Riviera / Turquoise Coast

  • Idyllic sailing grounds
  • Culture and history; the intersection of ancient and modern
  • Stunning landscape
  • Quaint fishing villages and coastal towns
  • Delicious food
  • Best time for chartering: April through October

Caribbean Paradise

Paradise! Year-round warm weather, a tropical atmosphere, and some of the best beaches in the world make chartering in the Caribbean a romantic, and frequent honeymoon, destination. Chartering here is year-round though summers can be hot and hurricane season is technically the end of June through the end of October.

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Romantic Caribbean

St. Martin

Palm trees and black sand beaches, waterfalls and gardens, rum and champagne –this chic French island will surely provide plenty of romance.

  • Best of both worlds—French and Dutch
  • Lush nature and lively nightlife
  • Sophistication and tranquility
  • Close to Anguilla and St. Barts
  • Beaches, snorkeling, hiking
  • Fine French cuisines
  • Spectacular beaches
  • Best time for chartering: Anytime

Bahamas (Exumas)

With crystal clear waters, gorgeous pink sand beaches, the Exumas provides plenty of things to see and do (nurse sharks, swimming pigs) or not do (beautiful bays and isolated beaches) making it an ideal idyllic escape.

  • Numerous uninhabited cays
  • Stunning blue and green water
  • Gorgeous white (and pink) sandy beaches
  • Remote beauty
  • Numerous snorkeling areas
  • Best time for chartering: Anytime

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Grenadines (St. Vincent and Grenada)

  • Best Caribbean snorkeling and diving
  • Least touristy
  • Stunning coasts
  • Spas and natural springs
  • Remote beaches
  • Spice island adventures
  • Best time for chartering: Anytime

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