NauticEd Encourages Advanced Sailors to Get a Sailing Certification

PRESS RELEASE: NauticEd Encourages Advanced Sailors to Get a Sailing Certification

Click on this button and you’ll be invited to test-out of the NauticEd beginner to intermediate sailor Skipper Sailing Course.

Skipper Sailing Course Test-Out towards a Sailing Certification

Skipper Sailing Course Test-Out

This is NauticEd’s latest strategy to help advanced sailors get beyond the requirements to sit entry level sailing courses and to focus on advanced education. “What we’ve found is that advanced sailors want the education and the associated sailing certifications, but they’re unwilling to have to go back and study the basics just to get the certification process started” said Grant Headifen, Director of Education for NauticEd.

NauticEd is a big proponent of voluntary Sailing Certifications. Grant Headifen, Educational Director of NauticEd says that “The blockage in the sailing industry certification system is that certifying bodies require advanced sailors to do “101” type lessons. That prevents advanced sailors from subscribing to any type of sailing certification and thus, more importantly, furthering their formal education”. NauticEd solves this problem by quickly allowing an advanced sailor to prove their knowledge of the basics through the online test-out system and then get on with their real education and NauticEd Certification.

NauticEd mines their Student’s profile to determine their sailing proficiency via the courses the student has taken and passed,  their logged experience in the NauticEd Free online logbook or looks to see if the student is the holder of other sailing certifications. Once NauticEd determines that the student possesses advanced skills, they are electronically offered to take the Skipper Sailing Course test-out rather than be required to sit the whole course. The cost for the online Skipper Sailing Course is $67.50, where as the test-out is just $20. The student is then given $20 credit towards any other sailing course that NauticEd offers making the test-out essentially free.

To pass the Skipper Sailing Course test out, the student must pass with a 90% average in all 10 modules of the course. The student is given 3 attempts to pass each module. Upon passing, the student is given free full access to the Skipper Sailing Course for life. If the student fails, they can then apply their $20 credit towards the purchase of the Skipper Course.

NauticEd offers four Ranks of Sailing Certifications and 5 levels with in those ranks. The ranks are Qualified Crew, Skipper, Bareboat Charter Master and Captain. Ranks are dependent on the level of theory education that the student has performed. The Levels range from I through V and are dependant on the amount of experience the student has logged with the FREE NauticEd online logbook. The levels and ranks are interdependent, in that, certain ranks can not be attained without practical experience. A proficiency stamp is also applied to the certification if the student has done a practical test-out of skills with an affiliated sailing instructor. The sailing instructor digitally marks the student’s certification online once the student is deemed practically proficient.

After a soft launch of the Skipper test-out system, NauticEd reported it was well received with its beta tested advanced students.

Learn sailing with NauticEd sailing school is easy, just sign up and you are ready to start.


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Last updated on July 8th, 2022