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A Caribbean yacht charter is a sailor’s paradise: beautiful weather, turquoise waters, perfect beaches (and many coves and caves), an abundance of coral reefs, a diverse mix of nationalities and cultures, and for us sailors – consistent winds. The”Wider Caribbean” covers over 1.06 million square miles, including 13 states, 17 territories, over 7,000 islands, and approximately 9% of the world’s coral reefs. A lifetime of sailing exploration exists in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is truly a year-round sailing destination with average temperatures ranging between 75 and 85 degrees F.  Contact us for more information regarding the best times to go to specific locations (including the charter options and pricing available).

  • High season:  December – March $$$$
  • Shoulder seasons: October – November and April -May $$$
  • Hot and humid evenings exist June – September $$. Air conditioning is recommended for sleep comfort.

Caribbean Yacht Charter Bases and Top Sailing Destinations

Where to go on a Caribbean sailing vacation?

NauticEd are Caribbean yacht charter agents who’ve sailed extensively in the Caribbean – and we can book a sailing vacation for you in any of these locations. The “where to go” answer begins with: out of the only 100 or so inhabited islands, there are 12 charter bases scattered around the Caribbean.  The majority (10) are in the Lesser Antilles, a string of islands that follow a mostly volcanic island arc beginning with Virgin Islands (Spanish, US, and British) to South America. Additional charter bases include the Bahamas and Belize.

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Caribbean Yacht Charter base locations


Discover your inner pirate as you explore the Bahamas.  Gorgeous beaches that go for miles and miles with not a sole on them (except you).  Uninhabited isles.  Picture perfect tropical paradise.  Nature and wildlife.   Swimming Pigs. Fishing and snorkeling.  Discover the Exuma archipelago or opt for the Abaco Out Islands as you island-hop in crystal clear water.

Bahamas – Exumas Sailing Vacation Guide

A complete guide for discovering the “Cruising Uptopia” on a sailing vacation and charter in the Bahamas and Exuma Islands.  Sailing requirements, weather, must see & do, and more…

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Spanish Virgin Islands (SVI)

The well-kept secret of the Spanish Virgin Islands provides unspoiled islands with beaches, marine life, and natural charm.  Sail to Vieques, Culebra, and Culebrita to enjoy ultimate relaxation while soaking in the sun and Spanish Caribbean culture. The SVI is like what you would imagine the BVI was 20 years ago.

U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)

With something to offer everyone onboard, the USVI is a popular sailing destination for good reason.  National parks, white beaches, fancy dining, colorful marine life, beach bars, and more…there’s plenty to do on land and on sea in the USVI.

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

The world’s premier sailing destination, the BVI, also known as “Nature’s Little Secret” offers perfect sailing conditions, laid-back Caribbean style, natural beauty and sights, and lively beach bars and restaurants.  Plenty to see and do, the BVI makes for a great first-time and family-friendly charter vacation.

Saint Martin

Explore two islands at once on a St. Martin Yacht Charter.  This French and Dutch island offers a blend of island hopping, secluded coves, lively bays, snorkeling, shopping, and fantastic cuisine.  A short sail away are the gorgeous and quaint islands of St. Barts, St Kitts, and Nevis. The best in Caribbean cruising with a European flair.


Find out how many beaches you can explore on an Antigua sailing vacation.   With over 365 beaches great for snorkeling or diving, along with the historic Nelson’s Dockyard and the party at Shirley Heights, an Antigua charter provides a destination filled with beauty, culture, and more.


Sailing Vacation in Guadeloupe

Chartering around the French butterfly island of Guadeloupe offers stunning bays, superb snorkeling, tropical rainforests, and volcanic scenery. With an abundance of anchorages and within short distance to other islands such as the quaint Iles Des Saintes, Guadeloupe makes for a fantastic family-friendly or romantic charter destination.


The good life with French flair, Martinique provides plenty to do (or not do) on a sailing vacation. With its laid-back lifestyle, abundant nature, French shopping and cuisine, this “Island of Flowers” epitomizes Caribbean beauty. Oh, and the Croissants are to die for.

Martinique Sailing Vacation Guide

A complete guide for discovering “La Belle Vie” on a sailing vacation and charter in Martinique.  Sailing requirements, weather, must see & do, and more…

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Saint Lucia

Caribbean Yacht Charter & Sailing Vacations

St Lucia, also known as the  “Jewel of the Windwards” has been described with the headline “Simply Beautiful” for good cause. With breathtaking views, blended cultures, and the iconic twin peaks of the Pitons, St. Lucia makes an amazing stand-alone charter or a hub to head north towards the leeward islands or south towards the Grenadines.

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

With over 32 islands and cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines offers one of the most beautiful cruising grounds. From St. Vincent, sail to and stop at Bequia, Mustique, and Mayreau. Don’t miss Tobago Cays! Explore the diversity of marine life, culture, nature, and more in this often-isolated archipelago.


The Spice Island of Grenada is the most southern of the Windward Islands. Whether you spend a week around Grenada or head north to the Grenadines, a yacht charter in Grenada is perfect for nature lovers and beach-goers. Enjoy the chocolate from locally grown cacao,  but for heaven’s sake don’t eat the Manchineel apples.


Belize us – Belize is heavenly! Located in the western Caribbean in Central America, Belize is home to the world’s second-largest coral reef.  A yacht charter in Belize offers an opportunity to explore a beautiful series of remote paradise islands loaded with white sandy beaches and surrounded by crystal clear warm Caribbean water.


NauticEd are expert Caribbean yacht charter agents. We don’t charge you a fee and can more than likely save you money on all your sailing vacations. We search the world’s databases for over 8,000 yachts in 55 destinations. We give expert advice on where and when to go – likely, we’ve been there. Make an inquiry and book your sailing vacations through NauticEd Sailing Vacations.

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