Sail on the Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Take a step back in history and experience the speed and luxury of sailing on a Clipper sailing ship.

Clippers are sailing ships designed for speed! Popular in the 1840 and 50’s – and compared to other sailing vessels of the time – clippers were over canvassed, overpowered, and built to sail long distances. All of this required a captain and crew of great courage and skill to sail as fast as possible!

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam is on a world tour that will cover well-known cities around the globe, such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Sydney, Mumbai, Cape Town, New York, and London. The Clipper provides adventurous travelers & sailors with the opportunity to participate in a segment of the tour. Take a step back in history and experience the speed and luxury of sailing on a Clipper sailing ship!

Clipper Sailing Ship world tour

Sailing Voyages on the Stad Amsterdam:

Panama – San Francisco

February 10 – March 7, 2024

Clipper sail Panama to San Francisco

An adventurous sailing voyage that takes you from Central America to North America.

This adventurous sailing voyage will take you from Central America to North America. Sail for more than 3 weeks non stop together with our crew and learn all about the techniques of sailing on a square-rigged ship in the unpredictable weather conditions of the Pacific Ocean.

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San Francisco – Tokyo

March 23 – May 6, 2024

Stad Amsterdam Clipper Ship in San Franscisco

Sailing for six weeks on the vast and challenging Pacific Ocean is an amazing experience in itself. On top of that, we also offer you the opportunity to visit Honolulu, the gateway to Hawaii!

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Honolulu – Tokyo

April 9 – May 6, 2024

Stad Amsterdam from beach.

In Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, the captain and his crew welcome you on board the Clipper before setting sail towards our final destination. It takes approximately 4 weeks of sailing across the Pacific to reach the metropolis of Tokyo.

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Kobe (Japan) – Shanghai (China)

May 26 – June 3, 2024

Clipper Sailing Ship from Japan to China

Sail from the Land of the Rising Sun to Eastern splendor. This leg of the world tour is yet another extraordinary adventure you can be part of! In addition to an unforgettable sailing experience, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and explore two beautiful cities located in two unique countries.

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Shanghai (China) – Hong Kong

June 13 – 22, 2024

Clipper sailing ship route from Shanghai to Hong Kong

Experience the ultimate sailing adventure with the Clipper in East Asia and discover the charm of two impressive cities.

The Clipper departs from Shanghai, sails along China’s coastline, then either passes west or east of Taiwan, and – after sailing about 900 nautical miles – the Clipper Stad Amsterdam arrives at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong – where “East meets West” in terms of history, cultures, and diversity.

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More to come!!

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Our world tour presents a unique chance for not only youngsters but everyone to reserve a voyage to very exciting destinations. It’s an opportunity for all, irrespective of age, to embark on an unforgettable holiday aboard the Clipper.

After the two-year round-the-world voyage, in honor of Amsterdam’s 750th-anniversary celebrations, the Stad Amsterdam will proudly sail back into her home port as SAIL Amsterdam’s flagship in August 2025.

The focus of the world tour is on increasing job opportunities for young people aged 18 – 27. By creating opportunities for them to come on board, the world tour provides a platform for changing the lives of young people across the world.

Andi Manser (Captain Clipper Stad Amsterdam): “During a voyage, participants are not only going to learn new skills, but also create lasting memories and forge friendships that last a lifetime. Participants of these youth trips grow in self-confidence because they have challenged themselves, pushed their limits, and each play an indispensable role in the team. An experience that stays with them for the rest of their lives. It’s a truly inspiring initiative and I’m so grateful that we, as the crew on board the Clipper Stad Amsterdam, can be a part of it.”

About the Stad Amsterdam

Stad Amsterdam has been sailing the world’s oceans since 2000. The ship is 76 metres long and features 31 sails with a total surface of 2,200 square meters. The ship has an authentic full square rig, a sharp clipper bow and sails under the Dutch flag as a passenger ship.

Guests can book a stay on board for a luxury cruise or an adventurous sailing trip. On board are 14 luxury cabins, a spacious dining room for dinners and presentations and an outdoor bar. Additionally, the Clipper can be booked for a cruise or a corporate event, the guest capacity for a reception is 200 guests, for a dinner buffet 150 guests and for a sit-down event 60 guests.

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