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RYA Day Skipper with NauticEd

Learn more about the RYA Day Skipper Course, including NauticEd course options.

What is the RYA Day Skipper Course?

The RYA Day Skipper Course is the prerequisite course to attaining your International Certificate of Competence – the ICC. The ICC is the World’s only Sailing License created under Resolution 40 of the United Nations and is accepted to sail in European waters. NauticEd is authorized to offer the RYA online Day Skipper Course as part of our sailing curriculum.

How does the RYA Day Skipper Course compare to NauticEd’s Skipper Large Keelboat course?

The RYA Day Skipper Course on NauticEd is very similar in content to the combination of NauticEd’s Skipper Course and the NauticEd Coastal Navigation Course. Thus, if you have purchased the NauticEd Skipper and NauticEd Coastal Navigation Course in the past then you will automatically receive $95 credit towards the Full RYA Day Skipper Course $295 for USA and Canada purchases (or $394 for rest or world purchases). The difference is that for USA and Canada purchases you will buy the chart pack from Amazon whereas for the rest of the world, we include the chart pack and mail it directly to you.

Below is a flowchart to better understand the options and process with the RYA Day Skipper Course:

RYA Day Skipper Purchase


The SLC (International Sailing License and Credentials) is also a globally recognized sailing license. Depending on where you live you might consider the RYA Day Skipper or SLC. For USA and Canada, the SLC will be simple because there is more access to sailing instructors who are authorized to perform the on-the-water assessment. For acceptance purposes, both the ICC and SLC are equally accepted worldwide by Yacht Charter Companies and port authorities.

Additionally, The SLC has more associated courses and education which comes at a smaller price. The courses bundle price for the SLC is just $175 – See the Bareboat Charter Master Bundle of courses which is the Course requirement for the SLC license.

Here are the details on how to gain the SLC


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Last updated on April 6th, 2024