How to fuel up your sailboat

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Here’s how to fuel up your sailboat without spilling a drop of fuel into the water.

Hi all – for years I struggled with fueling up the boat and trying my best to not spill any diesel in the water. Now here is your non stress easy way to fuel up guilt free. Use the simple -siphon device. It’s got a one way check valve – just pump it up and down a few times, the hose pipe fills with fuel and off it goes. Buy one and save from dripping even one tiny drop into the water.

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This tip and hundreds of others are a full part of becoming a sailor and … you learned it here online. Sailing is absolutely about having your hand on the tiller and the wind in your face but also a major part of learning to sail is the tips and tricks and theory. All of which you can pick up inside the NauticEd Sailing Courses and at the same time gain a recognized sailing certification.

Continue to grow your sailing knowledge properly from the experts by taking the NauticEd Skipper Course. This is our beginner to intermediate sailing training class that everyone should start out on. An already expert sailor will also agree that this tip above comes from pure practical knowledge, it’s doubtful that it is in any hard printed text books. It’s just something that  you’d learn randomly from bumping into the right person on the docks one day – either that or you learn all the tricks from the experts here at NauticEd. I love it when a rookie can teach a salty ol’ dog something. By knowing this stuff like the above, you’ll be doing that. They’ll say “wow where did you learn that trick?” and you’ll say “oh – online”!

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