Virtual Reality Relaxed Training

Because Real Sailing can be Scary

No, we don’t actually believe that sailing is scary, but we certainly understand why fear is a major reason why someone who has always dreamed of sailing never actually learns. Stakes feel high when you’re on the water, when you’re literally trying to harness the power of the elements, like some kind of god. It’s no wonder that many people think, “I think I’ll stay at home, thanks!”

But, you’ll be missing out — big time.

We could do an entire blog about the opportunities you have when sailing, but let’s put it briefly: mind-blowing vacation destinations, exposure to an incredible sailing community, time to unplug and relax, adventure, and potential physical and mental health benefits (Pst! Blue Mind is a fascinating book about this.)

Sailing doesn’t need to be scary. It’s simply a skill that you can master. Not just learn. Master. Sure, you need to take some courses and practice, but every single concept you learn, every single time you practice, you are building a depth of knowledge that slowly chips away at fear.

Where does someone start learning how to sail?

For most people, the first step in learning how to sail is taking a course. For those who made the wise choice to join the NauticEd community (*shameless plug*), this includes multiple FREE beginner online sailing courses (and now VR) full of helpful graphics, fun quizzes, and what we believe to be the best sailing educational material on the planet.

When do I have to go out on the *shudder* water?

This is where it gets interesting. Up until now, someone would go straight from online learning to on-the-water training. For most, this is a natural progression and they’ve been itching to take their book knowledge out into the real world. For some, however, this is where they stop. The thought of learning while on the water feels too risky. They might make a mistake. They might embarrass themself. They might get yelled at (P.S. No one should be yelling at you).

Fear no more! NauticEd has partnered with MarineVerse to develop a fully immersive VR sailing course. You can practice steering, trimming, tacking, sailing a course, and a lot more, in your own home (and with your own snacks nearby). Go to the VR sailing course

Virtual Reality Training

Think of VR as a step before learning on the (real) water. There are no risks (apart from bumping into your couch if you didn’t give yourself enough space) and you can practice for as long as you need to feel comfortable taking that next step.

“No Cost of Mistakes”

This is explained best by NauticEd Instructor Trainer Edward O’Connor, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Colonel and Navy Top Gun Instructor Trainer – a true expert in training for risky environments.

“Just like a flight simulator, virtual reality activates the same neural pathways found in real life. By engaging the whole mind and body, VR builds muscle memory and enables longer retention,” he said. “The real benefit of a VR learning environment for new trainees is that the cost of mistakes is non-existent. This leads to a relaxed and less anxious and less nervous experience.” (emphasis added)

Learn by Doing – Having Fun

NauticEd’s Self Mastery course is designed for you to learn in fully immersive VR, sailing in a 3D environment with realistic physics. This accelerates your learning since you’re at the helm (literally) and working the jib/main sheets (sails). Additionally, you can discover the MarineVerse by racing, relaxed sailing, and joining a like-minded worldwide community of VR sailors. Simply, having fun while learning is the ultimate goal in sailing education.

Try Virtual Reality Sailing! Learn sailing knowledge and skills “hands-on” in Virtual Reality – progressing through “Self Mastery” modules as part of NauticEd’s best-in-class training programs. Available now on Meta Quest.

Better On-The-Water Training

Once you’ve spent time doing your VR sailing course, you will have had a tactile sailing experience, making your on-the-water training a LOT easier. We have worked hard on making sure that the experience you have in the simulation is so realistic and responsive that when you get on a boat, you will literally feel like you have done this before. We know that this is huge. It’s confidence building, and confidence when paired with competence is the ultimate goal.

NauticEd Virtual Reality Beta Tester

NauticEd VR Beta Tester joking around

You might be able to sense our excitement about the virtual reality sailing course, but that’s only because we are truly excited. We love to sail (we’re sure you can tell) and we want to remove all of the barriers we possibly can for someone wanting to learn. It’s making the leap from knowledge to experience that much smaller and we couldn’t be more proud.

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