Helpful Yacht Charter Topics and FAQs

Chartering can be complicated. We have made it simple with this series of articles covering helpful yacht charter topics and FAQs.

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Provisioning for yacht charter


Along with places to provision, we also provide some key tips to help become competent in this skill, and some handy reference sheets.  And last—we present restaurant recommendations so that on the nights you’re not cooking, eating, or cleaning aboard, you can enjoy some of the delicious BVI cuisine on shore.
March 30, 2024/by Lauren Zykorie

Tips on Navigating the Hazards of Bora Bora

The entire southern end of Bora Bora's lagoon is unnavigable to sailboats due to its shallow waters, although much of it can be traversed by dinghy. This means that for incoming sailboats to visit the picturesque eastern side lagoon...
December 23, 2023/by Bill Ibsen
Catamaran at anchor on a yacht charter. Different yacht charter options.

Yacht Charter Options

From the freedom of bareboat to the luxury of all-inclusive, find your ideal sailing adventure and yacht charter options.
August 27, 2023/by Trisha Evelyn
Yacht Chartering Guide

Yacht Chartering Guide

Yacht Charter Guide and 'how to' from the experts at NauticEd to plan and arrange sailing vacations anywhere in the world.
August 9, 2023/by Grant Headifen
Sailing in the Mediterranean tips. Read this blog if you're going to the Med.

Sailing in the Mediterranean Tips

If you are going sailing in the Mediterranean, here are some great Sailing in the Mediterranean Tips to help plan and enjoy your trip.
July 13, 2023/by Grant Headifen
catamaran anchored in tropical destination

Common Bareboat Chartering Mistakes

Bareboat chartering a new boat in a new place is sure to throw you for a loop. Here are common bareboat chartering mistakes to avoid.
November 30, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
Yacht Club


Yacht Club and yacht club member special discounts and discounts on booking sailing vacations when booking through NauticEd.
November 15, 2022/by Grant Headifen
Try a family sailing vacation

Try a Family Sailing Vacation

A family sailing vacation offers quality time to share memorable adventures, learn new skills, and build relationships.
October 21, 2022/by Trisha Evelyn
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